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Have you struggled to file taxes for your business in the past? Is this your first year filing as a business owner? You can skip all the confusion and frustration with help from Tax Express. We use an electronic tax filing system to assist companies with their business tax preparation and filing needs. You'll be amazed at how easy filing is when you get business tax services from our experts in Texarkana, TX.

We work with all kinds of companies

We work with all kinds of companies

No matter the structure of your business, you can trust us to file your taxes in an accurate and efficient manner. We provide business tax services to all kinds of businesses, including:

  • C corporations - considered a separate legal entity that's taxable. They may be double taxed due to salary and dividend payments.
  • Partnerships - not considered to be a taxable entity. Each partner will claim their own liabilities and assets with their personal tax return. All income that comes through the business is included on the individual tax return.
  • S corporations - has special permission from the IRS to be treated as a partnership. They're not liable for corporate taxes and are taxed on a pass-through basis. A huge advantage of this setup is that they're not double taxed.
We'll take the time to understand your business and adjust our business tax preparation methods to meet your needs. Contact us now at 903-791-0829 to get started.